12:35 AM

finally...~ my earth!

after such a LONGGG~ time..

this morning...
wakey up..
go PDCC..
someone SMS .. "mm, need do changes for shirt and poster somemore.." (zz..)


"and.. for google earth 3d pls make it DONE.."


"or not.. i will KILL you if we didnt get FIRST PLACE for imagine cup this year" (dreaming..)

OOO, ic.. oh, no! of course i dowan die yet..

fast2 explore google earth API..
there2, i got it already..

actually not yet..

play games, play songs..

exploring continue...

there, this one sure the right one..
oh.. actually.. not yet..

more games, more songs..


i think too early.. play games first..

in dream someone comes to me, and told me how to use the google earth 3d..
you need to know 3 language..

first basic, HTML..
then, come XML ~ for google earth they call KML
OR, after zipped ~ they call KMZ..
then.. last one is.. javascript..

still cant y eh?

and then FINALLLY (this one real one)..
javascript actually cant be type directly in blogspot..
so, write it somewhere else, upload..
then link it here..

and DONE! yosh~

p/s: the earth, it should be at the top there.. after the header.
p/s 2: pls, install the google eart plugin first.. otherwise.. someone will kill u.