11:16 AM

PDF is a vector..

mybe you all know this already..
but i just notice this today..
that PDF is a VECTOR format..
that's why when you ZOOM like 1000 times,
the image is still cool..


in illustrator

Time:last night after done with GreenEve2Peace shirt design for Imagine CUP.
that time, i just wonder what type should i save this file..
*.ai? can only be open by Illustrator..
*.png? can also, but.. the file size quite big..

Exploring TIME...
File>Save as..
look at the file types..
waa~ got PDF one la..
try save lo..

After saving the file, nothing to do lo.. go open it lo..
This is picture after open with Foxit Reader..
quite sure if open Adobe Reader, or any other PDF reader should be the same..

Got three menu at the left side..
Top: Bookmarks (you know.. marking the book)
Middle: Pages thumbnails
Bottom: Layer
if you all like to designing with whatever good designing software..
most of them use layer, to manage the z-index(or whose top, whose bottom.. position lo)
layer usually can be locked, can be hidden, can be deleted and many more..

after saves from AI, in PDF format.. open with PDF reader.. (Foxit)..
go to LAYER, what u can do is set the visibility of the layers..
waa~ so good.. the good thing some more is... it is VECTOR..

this picture show, all layers = visible (in foxit)

this one is, after i hidden some of the layers..
SO NICE!! (in foxit)

this picture show how i zoom 200% to the logo..
the quality is maintain.. this is VECTOR power~ (in foxit)
and this is 200% zoom to the flag.. same.. (in foxit)

p/s : don't forget to comment about the shirt also.. still in progress~