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Draw MediaMonkey logo using Illustrator.


wasepon time, monkey is very boring.. so they decide to do something.
You know what their decision is, i mean final decision?

ANSWER at the p/s part.

First step, select 'Ellipse Tool'.

Sketch 2 circles. Make sure, one of them a lil smaller than the other one.
After draw these circles, align using 'Horizontal Align Center'
Then align them using 'Vertical Align Center' tool.

After that apply some color to these circles. Choose ur favorite colors.

Next step is using 'Pen Tool'. To draw the Monkey hands, and legs. I mean curly hands, and curly legs.

Click at any point on the canvas.

Click on more time without release it, drag either to the left, or to the right.
See after effect on the next picture.

Then, up the line weight to 20pt, to give fleshes to the bones. =='

Next, to draw the Head of the monkey.. using Circle tools got a few trick. Start with draw a normal circle.

the select 'Direct Selection Tool'. Circle got 4points that connecting. Direct Selection Tool can select one or more of these points. Every shape/vector suppose to have these points. So, the trick is, select one of these points and then drag and drop it somewhere. Or just use arrow on keyboard for more accurate movements.
The head and body is the shape that i produce using that trick only.

1.. 2.. 3.. combined!! Bzzt..

Object > Expand (at menu bar)
Expand tool is for change all line into real shape..
try it and you'll know.
Then use pathfinder tool, 'Unite' to really group them together.

After some alterations and changes i make.. this is the final image..

p/s: the answer is they just decide to read this tutorial..
And i think you just do the same..
same means same..